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Who we work with

We work with organizations big and small to deliver sales engagement, digital events, online training, and meaningful content.

The qadense Virtuous Cycle

Gather, leverage, and enrich user data to power true personalization.

How do you deliver personalized experiences when you know nothing about your visitor? And how do you gather the data you need when you have nothing meaningful to offer your visitor? That’s a catch-22.

The qadense Content Engagement Platform solves that unsolvable problem through a unique approach that leverages explicit information sharing from delighted users.

The recipe is simple, but the secret is in the execution.

  • Deliver dynamic content and gather explicit information from users
  • Turn that newly acquired data into powerful personalization
  • Transform personalized content into a source of even more user information
  • Repeat.

GrowBig Initiative uses qadense to deliver next generation sales engagement

The Grow Big Initiative (GBI) uses qadense to deliver next-generation live events and training content that bring together best-in-breed industry experts, business leaders and government officials to re-tool and empower small and medium-sized companies to get online and start selling across multiple channels and geographies.

Thanks to qadense, we can deliver engaging live events and interactive guides that support thousands of e-commerce merchants worldwide. The data we gather during events and through these guides helps our partners create meaningful connections with these merchants.

Josh Halpern, the GrowBig Initiative

Core Features

Qadense transforms your content into a source of new user information

Whether it be training modules, blog posts, online events, or knowledge base articles, qadense turns your static content into dynamic and engaging information-gathering tools.

More Features

Sales & Marketing Content

Build rich sales collateral and marketing content with qadense. With dynamic content personalization and deep CRM integration, you can now deliver bespoke content guaranteed to increase conversions.

Online Events

Have your webinars turned into ghost towns? Switch to qadense and build richer, higher conversion, data-gathering event pages with one-click event sign-ups, with Zoom and Teams integration.

Training & Education

Deliver dynamic and personalized training and educational content that keeps users engaged. Build vibrant, interactive, and flexible training modules with quizzes, exams, and certifications.

Online Directories

Connect your users, customers, and students to the right resources quickly with searchable online directories and surface the right resources at the right time directly inside your content.

Knowledge Bases

Deliver flexible and searchable knowledge bases directly in your qadense experiences and dynamically integrate relevant articles into dashboards, training modules, and even blog posts.

Articles, Blogs and Documents

Turn static resources like articles, blogs, and downloadable documents into value-added, properly contextualized content powered by qadense personalization.

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